Kevin and Vanessa ~Wild Dunes~ Isle of Palms, SC

5.28.16: Even though they scrambled to find a new wedding venue just weeks before their wedding day, and even though tropical storm Bonnie came through and didn’t let up, Kevin and Vanessa didn’t let anything get in the way of having an amazing wedding! Nothing was going to stop them from having a good time! Thanks again to Niki with Ava Moore Photography for letting me shoot this fantastic Wild Dunes wedding with you!DSC_6578DSC_6597DSC_6601DSC_6631DSC_6638DSC_6641DSC_6648DSC_6655DSC_6669DSC_6672DSC_6677DSC_6682DSC_6693DSC_6700DSC_6706DSC_6801DSC_6825DSP_2684DSP_2746DSP_2754DSP_2761DSP_2858DSP_2765DSC_7124DSP_2919DSP_2923DSP_2939-2DSP_2969DSP_2976DSP_2977-2DSP_2987DSC_6922DSC_6935DSC_6919DSC_7033DSC_7048DSC_7058DSC_7118DSC_7176DSC_7207



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